The shopping experience is upside down. Think about how often you spend hours researching a product (from wireless routers to hair dryers) to find out what's out there and what's most relevant to you. You probably did lots of google searches, encountered outdated user guides online, or met sales associates trying to sell you the most expensive product. Or maybe you just avoid doing any research and make your decision based on high user reviews, crossing your fingers that your tastes and needs are just like the reviewers'. But wouldn't it be great if all you needed to know is how you want to use something, and the right product just finds you?

That's Evolguide (aka The Evolving Guide) - your personal shopping expert that helps you find out what's out there, and more importantly what's relevant for you, based on your unique needs!


Step 1   Tell us what you are looking to buy (eg television)
Step 2   Tell us how you will use it (for under a minute of your time)
Step 3   Find out which televisions have the features that are right for you
We know your time is precious. So take advantage of the research the community has done for you!


If you have recently bought something after lots of research or feel like you know a lot about the options available, get involved in our community! You can edit the questions (coming soon!) for an existing product, make suggestions to us or inform us of a product you would like to see on Evolguide. Users like you constantly help us make our site better.


We include functional, everyday, products and electronics that most homes need. We also include baby products because we know how confusing baby shopping is. Our product list will keep growing so keep checking back. And again, you are always welcome to suggest adding a product if you know a lot about it or are in the market for it and need some help.